Abbey of Aumône

named «Petit Cîteaux»


The Cistercian Almonry Abbey named Petit Cîteaux founded in 1121 is the eighth daughter in direct lineage of Burgundy’s Cîteaux Abbey.

Situated in the Cîteaux forest domain (Loir and Cher department - France), the grounds were donated by Thibaut IV, called “The Grand,” Count of Champagne and Blois and closely linked to Bernard de Clairvaux.

The Petit Cîteaux Abbey grew rapidly during the 12th century, fostering other centres in the Berry, Brittany and England. Twenty nine abbeys were thus directly or indirectly affiliated with Petit Cîteaux.

Its local impact and economic role marked the region where one finds both the windy plains along the edge of the Beauce and the dense forest which sheltered the abbey.

As for many Cistercian abbeys, Petit Cîteaux was the victim of barbarity, cupidity and ignorance: the “100 Years’ War,” religious wars and the aftermath of the French Revolution during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The church and all its related buildings, dating to the 12th and 17th centuries, have totally disappeared. Only two buildings from the medieval period remain, along with a stone bridge spanning a pond which was part of the original property.

Cîteaux’s Eighth Daughter in Direct Lineage